Thursday, January 12, 2012


Simply put, this week has been rough.  I feel like a fighter in the ring that has no fight left. 

My cousin and his wife had their baby this past Sunday.  He is perfect, adorable and healthy.  We are all so thankful.  I am, I really am.  Has that stopped me from crying every day this week though?  Nope.  This week was supposed to be my week.  We were one week apart.  I feel like Eey.ore with  a constant rain cloud over my head and everything makes me cry.  Doesn't help that AF is right around the corner.  I expect her any second.  Literally.

I'm tired of being in this fog, and it seems once I have found my way out the fog just comes back.  My head hurts and I just want sleep.

Alright, off to therapy.  Hopefully I can get this mood in check and get on with my life. (Ha.  I just typed file. )

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